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  • Whelen PCCS9NP

    Article Type: Product Review
    Product Type: Lighting Pursuit Switch
    Product: Whelen PCCS9NP
    Resources in this article: Where to buy, Wiring Info, Mounting Info, Review

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Is this controller programmable?
    A: Yes, several options can be programmed on this switch including slide switch positions 1 - 3 and the 6th push button.

    Q: How do you program the options of this controller?
    A: Options are selected by configuring dip switches on the back and inside of the controller.

    Q: How many banks of dip switches are there on this controller?
    A: There are 4 banks. 3 are accessible from the back of the unit, and the 4th requires removing the cover for access.

    Q: Is this controller high current or low current?
    A: This controller is low current and should only used to activate low current switching wires. There is a high current version available.

    Q: Is this a WeCan compatible controller?
    A: Yes, the low current switching wires from this unit can be used to control functions on a WeCan ECM (hooked to a WeCan lightbar).

    Q: What is WeCan?
    A: WeCan is a Whelen proprietary communication protocol for compatible lightbars. It uses an Electronic Control Unit (ECM)to program and control lightheads within a lightbar via a serial link. This method of control is superior to the normal control method because you have more control and programming options and it also greatly reduces the size of the wires that need to be run into the cab of the vehicle. 12 low current switch wires into the ECM allow for control the options and functions once the unit has been programmed via laptop (USB).

    Q: Is this switch back-lit?
    A: Yes, the legends are back-lit which has a dedicated input to allow back-lighting to be used only when the vehicle's headlights are activated. When a switch is off, the back-light is green, and when on, the back-light is red.

    Q: Are the buttons momentary or latch on/latch off?
    A: 5 of the 6 buttons are latching. The 6th is programmable for latching, momentary, flashing, or 8 second timer.

    Where to Buy
    Authorized Whelen Dealer

    The PCCS9 Series is a 4 position, 3 level slide switch with 3 different colored LED indicators for 3 separate primary warning light controls. Auxiliary input on slide switch, position 3. Models include the PCCS9NP (low current, programmable), the PCCS9R (high current, one momentary button), and the PCCS9R1 which is the same as the PCCS9R but has no momentary button.

    Personal Review
    The PCCS9NP is installed in my work vehicle. It controls all lighting installed on my vehicle including the lightbar, grille lights, dash lights, rear lights and traffic advisor. The slide switch is solid and the buttons are durable. The back-light is hooked to the parking light system so that they are not on all of the time. The programmable push button is set to latching mode so that I can control the cruise lights, but I am thinking of changing that soon. This unit uses the same outer housing that similar sirens and traffic advisor controls use. I also have a high current version of this controller, but I have never installed it. It is an older model and has the vertical buttons instead of the horizontal buttons that the low current model has. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is looking for a cost effective pursuit switch. This unit also has wiring for a siren unit, which is not helpful to me, but may be to some others.

    Installation & Wiring

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